Once upon a time my sister Pat had a great idea. “Let’s start a wine bar! We’ll serve fine wines, liqueurs, beers, and delicious appetizers, like those places you love to visit in Italy and Germany - a real European Style Wine Bar!” Well, The Vine Wine Bar was born in June, 2004, and a six year party and struggle to survive began. And boy did we have fun and make a lot of fabulous friends!


Where was I? Oh, yeah...


“How about live theater every month or so on our ‘off’ nights!?”, I suggested to Pat. “I could pick the plays, direct and act in them and Bobby and Susie could help with the sets and little Timmy could sell the tickets!”  (OK, there was no Bobbie or Susie or little Timmy, but soon Pammie came along with lots of talent and ideas.)


A long silence greeted my daring suggestion, followed by some arguing, lots of phone calls and explanations, but finally the matter was settled and The Theater at Hollywood & Vine found a home in The Vine, and skyrocketed to fame! (Well…  maybe with only 24 seats, it just firecrackered a little.)


Sadly, The Vine fizzled and went out of business in June of 2010. The Theater at Hollywood and Vine somehow managed to survive. For our seventh year, we operated at The Run of the Mill Tavern, and carried on our tradition of great quality, short one-act plays - about 100 to date - with wonderful local actors.  Our audiences raved! Our actors showed off their talents! And then, in August, 2011, The Run of the Mill closed its doors.


Well, after picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off for the third time, we decided to try our luck outside of Plymouth. And where better than Duxbury! Well, it seems better was actually back to Plymouth and we LOVE our new friends at The New World Tavern! So come join us at our new digs, 52 Main Street, downtown Plymouth! It has a great bar, a fun menu, and more space than we ever dreamed we’d have. (If you remember the original Vine, you understand.) Check out the “Now Playing” page for info on our upcoming shows.  For reservations, call 781-837-1842. Can't wait to see you!



Jeff Gill